Veterinary Cancer Society

Advancing the understanding, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancer in animals.

About the Project

The Veterinary Cancer Society needed a new website. The previous iteration of their website lacked any real personality and didn’t match their brand identity. Updating their previous website was also cumbersome and not effective for them. There was many things that they simply weren’t able to do with the content management system that they had in place. In addition it was important to integrate their mid-year and annual conference websites into their website redesign.

What We Did

We delivered a high quality website design that balanced their brand identity and their content management needs. We developed a completely custom website solution that allowed them the ability to easily control the content and design of their website.  We also integrated their mid-year and annual conference websites into a singular install allowing for easier management. We also successfully integrated all the old website content into the new website and imported over 100 pet memorial stories.

What Sets This Project Apart

This project is essentially three websites in one – the main website, the mid-year conference website, and the annual conference website. The websites features different headers, different logos, different navigation, and different footers depending on the section of the site that you are on. These three sections are all easily manageable from the content management system. The elements created for this website can be used across all three sections created.

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Annual Conference Website
Mid-Year Conference Website
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Preservation of Pet Memorials From Old Website
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