Spright offers streamlined and sustainable solutions to overcome the everyday challenges of inefficient ground operations.

About the Project

Spright was a new company looking for a website to match their ambitious business plan. They wanted a creative website with design touches to be consistent with their brand identity. Spright was looking to create a more robust website that would showcase them as a leader in unmanned aircraft system (UAS) solutions. Spright was  targeting the healthcare with time-sensitive delivery of critical resources and targeting utility service providers with end-to-end line inspection and right-of-way management solutions to ensure the integrity of critical infrastructure.

What We Did

We created a custom responsive WordPress website that fit with their brand identity. This solution was based on the Bootstrap framework. This website featured a template building system built on flexible content fields from the Advanced Custom Fields plugin. We leveraged consistent Bootstrap framework components and designed them in a unique way to match their style guide. These components can be mixed and matched across different pages so the client isn’t bound by anything in terms of what their pages can look like. This flexibility is a unique experience that creates stunning layouts that are still consistent from page to page.

What Sets This Project Apart

There are several things that set this project apart. One big one is that we were able to successfully integrate all of the forms on their site with their CRM (customer relationship management) platform. This was a complicated integration because each form automatically subscribes customers to various email campaigns from their CRM. In addition the client also wanted increased flexibility with their elements. We designed and coded 15 elements that the client can use on any page in their website. They aren’t limited by anything and can place those elements on any page and in any order. This flexibility was crucial for this client and sets this website apart.

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