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About the Project

RPRDx needed a new website design and development as their previous website lacked a cohesive design and didn’t showcase their content. They specifically wanted a CPIC Gene/Drug Database to be included on this website –  where users can search related gene and drug information by selecting gene or drug. The client wanted the site to be easy for their audience to navigate see where they go and easy for the providers and pharmacist to order tests. The client wanted a website that reached their four main audiences – Providers, Pharmacists,  Clinical Researchers, and Patients.

What We Did

We created a completely custom solution built using WordPress on the Bootstrap framework. We created a unique website experience that makes them stand out from their competition. We added a cohesive feel from page to page while still allowing the client the flexibility to add any element to any page on the site. We created 11 uniquely styled content elements that the client could place on any page. This allows the client to build beautiful pages that look good on any device while still being committed to their brand identity and style guide. This flexibility was different than their previous content manage systme as they were hampered on what types of pages they could create on their own.

What Sets This Project Apart

This project features a nice design aesthetic and a great content management templating system. The piece that sets this project apart is the gene drug search and genes and alleles page. The gene drug search table is generated as the client makes changes to the gene relational database. As the client changes the gene relational database a CSV file is generated which is then added to the gene drug search on the fly. This table can be ordered by each column, it is paginated, and it can be filtered by various search terms. The alleles page is also generated from the relational database and features accordions that expand to show the relationship between various genes and alleles. This page features isotope filtering which eliminates panels as you type a search term. As you expand each gene it can direct you to the individual gene pages created.

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