In2Great Kansas City

Your integrative health & wellness partner

About the Project

In2Great Kansas City was in desperate need of a new website. Their old website simply didn’t communicate their identity effectively and they had serious issues with their copy and the way that their content was organized. They needed a new sitemap, new copy, and design touches to engage their customer base and gather new clientele. Search Engine Optimization data showed that they weren’t engaging customers once they made it to the website. They also needed to add in the ability to sell different programs and for customers to be able to register for 30 minute discovery phone calls in specific time windows.

What We Did

We created a completely custom website solution for In2Great Kansas City. We reimagined their sitemap and organized their site in a way that reached their customer base. We wrote copy and added unique design touches to their website. We created custom elements that they could mix and match on each page so that they have the flexibility to make all the pages unique while still being consistent. We paid close attention to the elements that we created to be sure that they could really showcase their content. We integrated Stripe into their forms for customers to make purchases. We also added a custom scheduling solution for customers to be able to schedule 30 minute discovery calls with In2Great staff. These 30 minute calls are automatically scheduled and added to the In2Great staff calendars.

What Sets This Project Apart

In this site we decided to be a little more creative and playful with our design and layout. We integrated many creative design concepts including animated lines that scroll down the page with you, animated images that move into frame on scroll, rounded buttons with a sliding color hover, animated number counters that fill a progress bar, images with subtle fades, and many other things. These were completely custom solutions to give the client’s customers a unique website experience.

Website Launch Date
Pages Created
Blog Posts
Custom Design
Custom CMS
Custom Theme
Custom Gravity Forms Coding
Stripe Purchase Integration
Bootstrap Framework
Custom CCS3 Animations
Discount Coupon Codes for Purchases
Sticky Header
Themed Login Screens
Search Engine Optimization
4 Custom Post Types
Appointment Scheduling