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Our Process

The process is simple. We want to give you exactly what you’re asking for – that’s it. We aren’t trying to sell anything extra or market something to you that you don’t need. We want you to be completely satisfied. We will take your idea from inception to reality never leaving you stranded at any step of the way.

We are here to plan, design, and develop your website, however we don’t just stop there. We are proud to have consistent ongoing relationships with our customers to provide maintenance and assistance whenever needed.


The planning part of our process is the most important part. The 5 Ps of planning is something that we live by. Proper planning prevents poor performance. In this step we will have discussion to establish website goals, begin to gather information, and establish a timeline for the project. Plan for the website design process and research competitor websites. In addition, pages, content and functionality planning are also integrated into this step.

  • Researching strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for your business.
  • Viewing websites to gain a picture of competitor websites.
  • Creation of sitemap and proposed navigation hierarchy.
  • Identification of website goals and target audience.
  • Gaining a proper brand identity of your company.


The design phase in the process is pretty exciting for us – we get started putting our ideas into a visual format. Our team works on the visual aesthetic, user interface, and the navigation hierarchy. In this phase we are sharing color schemes, typography, graphics, wireframes, and images of our designs which satisfy the needs of your clients. These are the first true deliverables for you and there is much time to go back and forth with our team to make sure we have come up with the best solution possible.

  • Wireframes showing general layout and styling.
  • Navigation hierarchy based on sitemap.
  • Creation of custom icons, fonts, and other elements.
  • Fully formed designs shared with clients for feedback.


In this stage of our process the website is coded based on the designs from the previous step. Painstaking attention is paid to the designs to make the look and feel match as closely as possible. The website is coded on website on development server, creating all necessary pages and inputting all content.

The website is built utilizing a content management system with data security and the best management in mind. The site will be tested across multiple platforms (mac and PC), multiple browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, and Safari), and multiple devices (mobile, tablet, desktop). In addition to testing on multiple browsers, multiple versions of those browsers will also be tested. The site will be coded using HTML5 and CSS3 with backwards compatibility in mind.

  • Content management system created typically utilizing WordPress.
  • Will typically utilize languages HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and jQuery.
  • Code to work across any browser and any operating system – specfically focused on backwards compatibility.
  • Website will be responsive so that it works across desktops, tablets, phones, and everything in between.


After we are finished planning, designing, and developing things aren’t finished yet. We don’t leave you stranded with a new website and no support. We offer comprehensive hosting packages utilizing the hosting provider that is officially recommended by wordpress.org. We offer two load balanced servers to manage all the websites, a Content Delivery Network (CDN), SSL hosting, and WordPress Core, Themes, and Plugin updates to minimize security risks.

We are also continually available to answer questions and resolve issues. The relationship is ongoing and isn’t finished because we simply completed your website. This ongoing relationship sets us apart from our competition.

  • Hosting options available using the host officially recommended by WordPress.
  • CDNs, SSL Hosting, custom emails, required site updates available
  • Continual search engine optimization and marketing.
  • Updating and maintenance for your current website.
  • Communication and research to make sure website meets industry standard expectations.